Villas in Igatpuri are a great way to spend some time away from the city and get back to work refreshed. Everyone is going to ask you where you´ve been the moment you walk in with that huge smile upon your face. The true hidden gem of Maharashtra is about to be uncovered to you along with the best accommodation options for you to stay and enjoy. Read on, pull the plug and live the best weekend of your life yet at a marvelous, luxurious villa in Igatpuri

Why do you need to disconnect from city life?

Are you feeling the symptoms of a stressed mind and body? Do you feel tired and irritable and have a hard time getting to the end of the day? Does insomnia attack you every night? If the answer is yes, your mind and body might be tired from the demands of everyday life in a big city. Getting out for a weekend might help you to:

Stop insomnia and get better sleep with a clearer mind.

Enjoy some quality time with your family, loved one or friends.

Reverse the effect of cortisol (the stress hormone) and release some healthy serotonin.

Be more productive and clearer in your decisions.

Villas in Igatpuri are just 110km from Mumbai; there are no excuses not to go relaxing and enjoy for a couple of days.

Lush green landscapes

Igatpuri Villas are located in the midst of a breath-taking landscape of lush valleys, deep forest, and clean air. If you listen carefully you will be delighted with the sounds of epic silence and the company of the singing birds. The villas such as Sky Taj Villas and Sky Water Villas are built upon a cliff in the highlands providing lucky visitors with a sight that is to store in your mind´s memory card and continue to enjoy it back in the city. The lush green landscapes, the endless sky and the proximity to nature are naturally going to soothe your spirit.

The best villas in Igatpuri

Top Villas in Igatpuri are two: Sky Taj Villas and Sky Water Villas. Each offers a distinct approach, but both are just good for relaxing and enjoying the amazing time. Let´s go through some similarities and differences.

Sky Taj or Sky Water?

Sky Water Villas are oriented towards those who want to have a spa-like break from the big city with a world-class restaurant that serves delicious dishes from many parts of the world. Also, the wellness and spa area are top-notch quality; the modern facilities will help you relax body, mind, and spirit.

On the other hand, Sky Taj Villas offer visitors a little more independence as a home away from home. When you rent it, you get your own fully equipped, state of the art kitchen, private gazebo, sound system, Jacuzzi tub with shooters, a private pool table and much more. In this place, you can cook, have fun, relax and dance the night away under the provided disco nights.


Best Villas in Igatpuri can be found right here and whether you choose Sky Taj or Sky Water, the result is going to be massive amounts of fun and relaxation to go back to the city fresh as a leaf of lettuce. Call today to book your stay!