Nestled in the lush scenic paradise of the hills near Mumbai, Igatpuri is a soulful escape from the usual chaos of the cities. Villas in Igatpuri have been set up solely to satisfy your wanderlust and give you many reasons to create photography goals. More than anything, the main purpose is to make every second you spent vacationing, worth it. Want to know how? March on.

Privacy Is Our Prior Policy

Forget the prying eyes of neighbours and let your sight take in the magnificent greenery that surrounds the Igatpuri Villas. Let loose with friends and family in private space at prices friendly on your wallet. Our interiors are full of pleasing aesthetics to match the breathtaking picturesque outside.

The More the Cheerier

We’re reputed to be 4-starred bungalow with exceptional facilities like Jacuzzi and a homely kitchen with ample space to fit a party of 40. With 5 bedrooms paired with 5 bathrooms, we give you all the qualitative experience possible. Be ready to be majorly spoilt!

Furniture That Comforts You

Sink your stress into our plush fatigue-sucking couches and velvety soft beds with linen that smells as fresh as the forest outside. The rooms are brightened with vibrant curtains and soothing art to infuse a relaxing environment for everyone present.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

It’s not just our Best Villas in Igatpuri that embraces you, but our staffs are always ready to fulfil any requests or solve any issues you may have. Your happiness is on us and ours is in your smiles!

Fun Starts Where You Step

For those that love to tap to beats, there’s an entrancing dance floor wide open and waiting to be explored. There’s a gaming zone to bring out the competitive side in you. The kids have their own zone with their customized recreational area. Play a classic game of pool or simply take a walk along a beautiful path. Our Top Villas in Igatpuri are your oyster!

Breathe In And Breathe Out

Take a refreshing dip in our infinite pool that’s specially made to drown you with calmness. This can be followed with a barbecue night where all your guests can spend some relishing time together. Igatpuri Villas also come along with bonfires to light up cold nights.

Let Out Your Wild

Have a harmonious meet of mind, body and soul at the Dhamma Giri Vipassana Centre or feel the adrenaline course through the Igatpuri’s sports and camping. Click a perfect shot at Myanmar Gate or trek along the wilderness. Our Best Villas at Igatpuri are surrounded by enough elements to keep you engaged along with your close ones. Tie up those laces and make a run for fun!

There may be many reasons to go for work however there are innumerable excuses not to. The best one is to pack your bags, call your loved ones and set off for a memorable adventure of things known and the more exciting unknown wonders of this pretty hill station especially with our Igatpuri Villas. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start booking.