Do you feel like every Friday is a new chance to spend a marvelous weekend and go back to work as the best version of you? Don´t you also feel when Monday comes that you just didn´t relax enough during the weekend because of the concrete surrounding you? Well, if this sounds familiar, you are in the exact place you should be and about to discover the hidden gem of Maharashtra: Igatpuri. Read on and learn about this magic place of green valleys and blue skies and the perfect Villas in Igatpuri to stay when you go there.

What to do in Igatpuri

For those with a little adventurous heart and a curious mind, these are the best places to spend the day or some hours admiring natural and man-made wonders.

Vipassana International Academy – People from all over the world practice this 2500-year-old meditation technique that is the teaching that legendary Buddha Siddhartha Gautama gave to this world (and the backbone of Buddhism). This is the biggest meditation center in the world; whether you practice it or not, the building is astonishing and the premises are beautiful besides being super interesting.

Kalsubai Peak – The highest peak in the state of Maharashtra is also one of the most gorgeous, green and beautiful sights you´ll have in a long time. It is located at only 32km from Igatpuri and makes a great all-day excursion. It is not a hard trekking trail although it will require you to be in shape.

Amruteshwar Temple – Believed to be almost 1,200 years old, this beautiful old temple is very important for Shiva devotees around the world. The inside murals, as well as the statues and stone ornaments, are kept well-preserved by the government of India since this temple is part of the Archeological Survey of India.

The Spa-resort approach

If you would like to have a massage, an international restaurant and high-end amenities of that kind, you can enjoy the resort and spa at the famous and wonderful SkyWater Villas 110 km away from Mumbai. They offer astonishing views, a private swimming pool and closeness to the dam and other touristic attractions. Just kick back and relax, the amazing staff working at SkyWater Villas will assure you a great time.

The home away from home approach

On the other hand, SkyTaj Villas is one of the perfect villas in Igatpuri if you want to have an experience closer to a home away from home. From the private gazebos to the fully equipped kitchen to the sound system and the party lights, the SkyTaj Villas are the best version of your home 100km away from Mumbai. They are surrounded by breath-taking landscapes as well.


There comes a moment in the year in which you just have to pull the plug and take a couple of days away from the city to recharge your batteries and go back in the saddle at full power. SkyTaj Villas and SkyWater Villas in Igatpuri are the places you´ve been looking for. Pick one at the time and enjoy the best quality service in paradise.