If you have a regular job in a big city you know you are not escaping it unless you are indeed escaping the city. In places like Mumbai, for example, it is very important to leave the smog and the noise for the rearview mirror as we escape to spend an “unplugged” and beautiful weekend. Forgetting about obligations for a couple of days is a must if we want to have a productive and prosperous working week. If this sounds like you, then read on and learn all about this paradise one hour away from home.

Is a weekend enough?

Stress is something that the human body experiences in the form of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone makes your body react as if it was under imminent danger 24/7 and it affects your nervous system, generates insomnia, fatigue, changes in the mood and many other things. The way we have to fight back against cortisol is to release the happy hormone, called serotonin. Whenever you relax, your body naturally releases the serotonin hormone and lowers the cortisol levels.

According to a recent study, a 4-day long weekend was good enough to keep cortisol levels low for a certain population for a period of 45 days after taking them. If you can take a two-day little trip to paradise every month it might be possible for you to put a definite stop to cortisol in your life and retrieve your mood, sleep, and health from stress´s hands. So, according to scientists yes, a weekend is enough and in one of the top villas in Igatpuri, it can turn from a getaway trip into an epic memory.

Sleeping well is key

One of the closest neurotransmitters that are affected by cortisol is dopamine, known as the sleeping hormone. When the levels of cortisol augment, the levels of serotonin and dopamine drop drastically. If our body can´t sleep well, we can´t fully function and get irritable, have a bad mood and tend to enter this downward stress spiral that intensifies it. A weekend out can help you cut down on cortisol and increase dopamine levels; a good sleep makes the difference. ?

Igatpuri, the hidden gem

Why are Igatpuri villas the best place to leave your house for a beautiful weekend? Let´s take a look at the reasons you should book top villas in Igatpuri today:

It is only 100km away – Igatpuri is only 100 kilometers away from Mumbai which makes it a great choice for booking Friday night, arriving on office clothes and changing just before the sun is completely gone to get in the pool.

It is a natural wonder – Igatpuri is located amidst valleys of lush green vegetation that receive sunlight in the most marvelous color palette you can think of. Relax to the singing of the birds with a smile.

The best villas to stay

The best villas to stay at Igatpuri are the Skytaj and Skywater Villas. Each has its own style, and both offer the exact accommodation you need to fight cortisol back.


Taking that weekend off at the top villas in Igatpuri might also offer you a golden ticket to create more meaningful bonds with those you love the most. The time is now and the best villas in Igatpuri are waiting for your call; get rid of stress today, book villas in Igatpuri today and find the peace you have been looking for.