Igatpuri is a very pleasant place that is surrounded by beautiful mountains, western ghats, plateaus and a large stretch of greeneries. There are plenty of activities to do with your family and friends during your stay at Igatpuri. Some of the primary activities that are very common in Igatpuri include trek along the ghats, to the forts, fishing, boating, and a lot of outdoor games arrangements for people to enjoy at the Igatpuri resorts.

The villas in Igatpuri always have outdoor and indoor games arrangement so that the tourists can enjoy playing during the evening. Some of the must-try activities, while you are in the Igatpuri region, includes challenging Treks to Harihar fort, trek to Kalsubai to watch the sunrise from the highest peaks of the Maharashtra. Staying at luxury Villas in Igatpuri like Sky Taj Water Villas is highly recommended to tourists who prefer to spend quality time with their family at the resort playing some outdoor games, fishing and boating.

Trek to Kalsubai, Igatpuri during Sunrise

Igatpuri, being a region along the Western Ghats and surrounded by beautiful landscapes encourages people to perform trekking. Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra and is at an altitude of 4500ft. This great attitude makes this trek journey challenging and interesting as well. As you trek to the Kalsubai’s peak, you can witness the surreal greenery stretch and a very pleasant environment. Once you reach the peak point of Kalsubai, you can view the captivating panoramic view from the top point. Night treks are also permitted in this region and is highly enjoyed by the visiting tourists every year. Most of the Igatpuri villas have all the information regarding the trekking zones and are available to help their customers.

Exquisite Overnight Trek to Ratangad

When you are with your family and friends, the overnight trek to Ratangad is one of the must-do activities in Igatpuri. As you trek, you will notice the majestic and beautiful architectural marvel that will keep you excited throughout the journey. At the end of your trek journey, you can enjoy and admire the jaw-dropping beauty of the rock-cut caves. People who trek to Ratangad ensure that they stay overnight in the caves to view the scenic night views from the peak point. In addition, from the peak point, you can also view the stunning Rani Mahal as well as the Ajoba Forts.

Challenging Trek to Harihar Fort

Tourists who are really looking forward to a very challenging and thrilling trekking experience in Igatpuri must opt for this trek to the Harihar Fort. You can book villas in Igatpuri that are close to the trek areas. The captivating feature of this fort is that it will look like a rectangle from the village and built on a perfect triangular prism of rock. As you trek towards the Harihar fort, you will completely enjoy the surreal greenery of Igatpuri and some mesmerizing landscapes. At the peak point, there will be an elongated plateau that holds a small pleasant temple of Lord Hanuman as well as Lord Shiva. The ponds near the temple totally adds to the beauty of the peak. There will be a professional guild who will guide you through the trekking journey.