Where else would the main Vipassana center in the world be if it is not in a heavenly spot like Igatpuri? This magical place in the heart of Maharashtra is ideal to disconnect from your obligations and spend beautiful vacations alone or with the family. Read on as we unveil every reason why Igatpuri Villas should be your next holiday destination.

What to do in Igatpuri?

Igatpuri offers way more than meets the eye. You could spend two weeks in this amazing spot without even repeating one of the destinations! Let´s take a look at the natural and man-made wonders of the region:

Bhatsa River Valley - The Bhatsa River runs wildly through the surrounding stones creating movement and showing us just how beautiful nature is. Around it, the vegetation is green, healthy and lush creating a breathtaking view.

Kalsubai Peak – The highest peak in the Sahyadri ranges is only 35km away from Igatpuri, making it an amazing one-day trip.

Arthur Lake – Like a beautiful sapphire surrounded by emerald green, this peaceful lake shines between the mountains with its splendor.

Girisagar Waterfall – The Bhavali dam provides enough water to make these waterfalls one of the most amazing views in the entire region. There are plenty of attractions surrounding it and from the viewpoint, the Sahyadri range proves to be even more beautiful than you thought.

The Five Waterfalls – Speaking of waterfalls, the main attraction for most tourists going to Igatpuri is these five water jumps falling on top of each other across the rail line. It is a one-of-a-kind sight.

Tringalwadi Fort – This architectural wonder is located in a privileged spot at 3,000 feet above the sea level. From it, you can see Kalsubai and Kulang mountain ranges in all its beauty. Besides the beautiful view, it is a great trekking path among the lakes Talegaon and Tringalwadi.

How many days should you book?

With all these attractions, to truly enjoy this natural wonder, you should book at least a week. Experts say that the first week is good for disconnecting with the world and by the second you can surely find deeper relaxation; especially in the best Villas in Igatpuri.

Where to stay?

The best places to stay in the entire valley are very similar and yet very different. Let´s take a look at the best options:

SkyTaj Villas – The SkyTaj Villas are state-of-the-art luxury with an affordable price tag attached. The villas feature five bedrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen to make it family-friendly. Spend your relaxing time off surrounded by all those you love and go see the wonders of Igatpuri as a family. Have your favorite meals in your private gazebo, enjoy the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi with tub shooters after a long day of trekking. It doesn´t get any better than this.

SkyWater Villas – Similar to the SkyTaj Villas and surrounded by dense forests with the possibility of a private pool to sit and relax after each of the short trips; SkyWater Villas are the ultimate relaxation experience.


Taking some time off from your responsibilities and spending quality time with your family is a beautiful thing. Adding to that the natural wonders of the region and staying in these magical Villas in Igatpuri make for the perfect vacation spot only 110km away from Mumbai´s busy streets. This year, look no further and book your stay in SkyTaj or SkyWater Villas, you´ll never forget the amazing family time you spent there.